In the architectural industry, as in any other industry, the market undergoes major transformations every few years, forcing firms to reassess their place in the world and to adjust to a new reality.

Whether the procurement of new design projects has slowed down, or expansion has overtaken your firm’s strategic planning as a result of such market fluctuations, brand enhancement is usually the tool to guide the renaissance of the firm.

In this publication, we present a practical handbook for rebranding your architecture firm that allows for a better understanding of how a rebranding process might be developed.

Here is an overview of the topics covered:

  • What exactly ReBranding entails

  • The four elements of a strong brand

  • Reflecting the latest and greatest your firm has to offer




Every so often, every firm must refresh its identity to stay current in the marketplace. Here are the steps for enhancing your most valuable asset: your brand

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